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The Silence


The Silence are a fresh new four piece band hailing from the sunny shores of Brighton. Together since November 2007 the band have been hard at work perfecting their sound ready for live performances and recording. The Silence recently recorded their first 3 track demo at Brighton Electric.

The Silence are currently gigging all over Brighton and have also started playing around London, we are finishing our ep as we speak and will be recording late October. We have started to attract managment interest, and various promoters around the uk.
As a band our main sound and influence progresses from the grunge genre including fusions of punk rock, metal and various other influences. Certain bands, which influence our sound include Nirvana, Foo Fighters, yeah yeah yeahs, the Stooges, The Offspring, Pj Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age and many many more.
We like to think that we bring something a little different to the music scene at present as our sound is often said to be quite distintive but doesnt sound like many other bands.



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